Grenada Hiking: Mt. William - Duquesne Beach - Darvi Beach

A spontaneous hike yesterday to discover the route from Duquesne Beach to 'Darvi' Beach. I was really surprised how nice the route from Mt. William down to the sea at Duquesne Beach and further on to Darvi Beach is.
The way back along the street was the more challenging part, because the road is partly very steep. As a plus, this road is very quiet, you will hardly see any cars passing.
I can really recommend this route, the only downside is that many people have dogs running around to protect their property. I was sometimes surrounded by severall barking dogs, but none of them tried to attack me. The best time to hike this route is in the late afternoon. You will see the sunset over the caribbean sea and the route along the street is a bit cooler.

Arriving at Duquesne Beach
Overlooking Duquesne Bay

Looking towards Carriacou and the Grenadines. Behind the house is 'Darvi' Beach

Alone on Darvi Beach

Passing the ridge on the road, nice view towards the mountains


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