Easy hike with great view at St. George's / Grenada

Since I am an passionate mountaineer, I can't stand it to see any peak or summit which promises a good view and not try to get to it. This is just not acceptable! :) Well, just behind our apartment in Springs, I noticed just such a hill, with no houses on it. So I laced up my sneakers and made off just using my nose as my guide. I first made my way through Jean Anglaise and was able to find a wonderful spot for a photo stop. From there I had a magnificent view of Port Louis Marina, Lagoon Road and the Carenage all the way to the Espande and Queens Park.

I ventured on further and happened upon small piles of shredded paper. At first I was a bit suprised and didn't think more about it. Then suddenly it dawned on me that it was from the Grenada Hash House Harriers....and that means that this path might just lead somewhere or might at least be interesting. So...On! On! as the hashers would say.

Here is the route! I tweaked a bit to have it start from Lagoon Road, which is pretty easy for anyone to find. You can download the route onto your Smartphone App by simply scanning the QR code.

A nice house along the way

You have a good view onto the Lagoon, Carenage and the city.

Not very spectacular, but this volcanic rock is the summit ...

... but from that rock, you have a great view of Grand Anse Beach, all the way to the airport.