Grenada rental car road trip, day 1

Grenada is an island just waiting to be explored! Under no circumstances should one just remain in the St. George's/Grand Anse area.

Most persons are a bit hesitant to venture out beyond St. George's because of our somewhat poorly marked roads to be honest. We are all afraid of getting lost. Hopefully our App will help! Our Offline Map, found under, now makes it easier and more reliable for you to go out, drive around, explore and enjoy the beauty of the island. We are constantly updating our map, trying everytime to accurately locate and flag any particular tourist site on it. With the help of Realtime GPS Positioning you can rest assured that you are always following the right way to your destination.

We initially planned a three day raodtrip and booked two nights at the Petite Anse Hotel, located at the very northern tip of Grenada. The only problem was that I was battling a nasty fever as a result of the Chikungunya Virus. We headed off anyway, knowing that we really couldn't play Christopher Columbus and his side-kick that day and that all exploring would have to be done in the comfort of our air-conditioned Rav 4.

OK, here is the route:

Our route first took us through St.George's, passing the Bus Terminal and the Cricket and Athletic Stadium, as we headed north.

Very soon we are on the coastline and could enjoy a fantastic view of the open sea.
The little hill on the left hand side is Mt. Moritz, where we made our first photo stop.

From Mt. Moritz we were able to see the Disney Cruiseliner just behind Cherry Hill.

Photo stop at Palmiste Bay. The ferry was faster than us, travelling up north.

Next up, Concord Waterfalls! The narrow sometimes really adventurous road took us quite far inland until we got to the falls.

Just opposite the junction to concord waterfalls is a side road which is supposed to lead to Black Bay Beach. At least that's what a lady in the village told us. Well.....we'll have to attempt to find Black Bay Beach another time because we chickened out. The road looked way too adventurous for us even with our Rav 4 and that devil Chikungunya did not leave me with enough energy to even try to explore by foot. TBC!

Dusquene Bay

Fishermen hauling in their catch at Duquesne Bay, St.Mark.


En Route to Petite Anse, with a stop at Sauteurs Bay. A natural beauty! 

Dana busy collecting treasures washed up onshore, while I am resting in the shade of a coconut tree. Very unusual situation for me.

From here it's only a few hundred meters to the Hotel. During low-tide it's even possible to walk up and down the entire bay.


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