Levera Hill, Levera Beach & Bathway Beach

When you want to enjoy your day on unspoiled natural beaches, you should drive up to St. Patrick to Levera Beach and Bathway Beach. The most popular activity here is: Liming
So don't expect boat rentals, beach bars etc. Bring your own picknik and hang out.

Levera Hill

To get a good view of the northern coastline and some of the Grenadine Islands, you can drive up to Levera Hill. I intentionally used the word 'can' and not  'recommend', since this is a little challenge in itself. The view is fantastic, but driving up the hill is a major adventure and not for the faint of heart.

The road is a newly built concrete road but it is obvious that whoever constructed it was just looking to construct the shortest route between the bottom and the top of the hill. The outcome is an extremely steep road heading to the top of the hill, which our jeep could even hardly manage.  At the top of the hill there is a radar station, which happens to be closed off by a gate. As luck would have it, the gate was closed that day we ventured up.
Reversing on a very steep hill with practically no where to reverse equals a very scared female driver. Two must haves before heading off up there:
  • A Good 4 wheel drive vehicle to get and down up the hill. 
  • A small vehicle. Turning is impossible with a bigger one.

Levera Beach from Levera Hill
Bathway Beach from Levera Hill

View from Levera Hill

Once you have made it up the hill, climb a little bit higher onto the rock just above the radar station. The view along the east coast,  from Sugar Loaf Island to Grenville is breathtaking.
This is an overview of the area. Just take this map with you on your Smartphone  and you will find everything.

Levera Beach

Now let's go to the beach! You have two options of driving to Levera Beach. 
Driving to Levera Beach The easier route takes you North, passing Bathway beach. The more dearing one takes you over Sauteurs and most definitely requires  a 4wd since the last mile or so is nothing but a relatively steep gravel and stone path.  The effort and nerves are all worth it in the end. That morning we had the entire western end of the beach all to ourselves. No people, no footprints, no sound besides the waves. What a dream!

Levera Beach

Bathway Beach

Next stop is Bathway Beach. It is not as remote and as lonely as Levera Beach. You can find small shops to get a cold dring and a restaurant as well.
But other than that it is a very quiet place.

The bloggers taking a rest in the shadow at Bathway Beach with some cold drinks.

What you must know about Bathway Beach is that there is a reef just a few meters into the water. The water is like a swimming pool when you stay between the beach and the reef. But going behind the reef is very dangerous. The braking waves create swirls at the reef's edge which have led to deadly accidents.  

Therefore this beach is more for sitting and relaxing in the shallow water, but not for swimming.


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