Home bound! Amazing drive through the mountainous interior of Grenada

Since the fever I had as a result of the Chikungunya virus did not get better overnight, we decided to head back to St. George's the next day. To still make full use of the journey we decided to be absolutely adventerous and drive through the interior of the island instead of using the Western Main Road. We drove down to Gouyave and headed inland passing villages such as Clozier and Belvidere before heading to Grenville.

Victoria, Grenada

En Route from Petite Anse to Gouyave.  Pretty view of Victoria from the road.

Gouyave fishing

We stopped in Gouyave and watched the fishermen haul in their catch. It's absolutely fascinating to me that this old fishing technique is still being used. It even looked like they had a good catch.

Gouyave fishing scene

Soon after turning off in Gouyave, the road heads right into the mountains. Be careful and watch out for the sign on the right hand side of the road indicating the way to Clozier. This is the road that you have to take. The entire road is steep and narrow in most places, but still in a good condition.

There is only one junction along the way that might leave you wondering. It's just after Paradise and you can either turn left and drive in the direction of Windsor or right and head to Belvidere. Take the road to your right. We found out that the route over Windsor cannot be passed at the moment, because of road construction. We marked it accordingly in the cariboutdoor map.

Continue along, all the way to the vicinity of Nianganfoix where the road intersects with the one coming down from Grand Etang. From here onwards it's just a straight journey to Grenville.