Lagoon / St. George's / Grenada. A sunday afternoon walk.

After several rainy days, I had to stretch my legs a bit and make use of the good weather.
This is the route I was walking, you can take the map and the route onto your smartphone with this App.

 I was strolling along the Lagoon, watching all the yachts then passing Port Louis Marina. After the little hill I turnded right at the stop light. 

The View over Grenada Yacht  Club towards the Cathedral

After a few meters I was at the secret 'Pandy Beach'. It is only used by locals since the big 'tourist beach' Grand Anse is close by. And there are rocks just under the water surface right in front of the beach.
But I like Pandy Beach, it has a good view into the carrenage.

Pandy Beach, looking at the Carenage
I took a swim and enjoyed the warm light in the late hours after 5pm.

From Pandy Beach, concrete step lead up the hill behind the beach. From the top of the stairs you can enjoy the sunset.

Sunrise from the hill beyond Pandy Beach
My next stop was Victory's Bar in Port Louis Marina, to close the day with a drink.