Surf course in Barbados

I had my first surfing classes ever at Barry's Surfshop in Barbados. I selected him for his good reviews on tripadvisor. Only for surfing I came to Barbados, a short stop on my way to Grenada. Dover beach was really good for me as a beginner. Check out the map, were you can see all the other surf spots as well.

The first day, I had a class for about two hours and was able to stand up for some seconds. The second day was a sunday and there was no class. Therefore I paddled on my own onto the caribbean sea at 5:30 in the morning. Jetlag makes it possible :). What should I say, I did not really surf, but had a gread sunrise and saw sea turtles around me, while I was totally alone. I will keep this in my memory for ever.

The view from Barry's Surfshop

The sunrise at aournd 5:45

Happy after the first hour on the water at 6:30