Cycling the beaches of Grenada, six beaches in one day

When looking for cycling tours on Grenada it seems quite obvious: You sweat a lot -> you want to refresh a lot. So cycling and beaches seem to be a perfect combination. Therefore my idea: Why not visit all the beaches on the stretch between Grand Anse and the airport on a cycling tour?
  • Grand Anse Beach
  • Morne Rouge Beach
  • Portici Beach
  • Grooms Beach
  • Magazin Beach
  • Beach with an unknown name
View from Quarantine Point. Portici Beach, Grooms Beach, Magazine Beach

Let me anticipate something: Although the tour looks easy and straitforward from Quarantine Point, this route is more for the adventureous people, not so much for the standard resort tourist. Please read this post before you start cycling!

From Grand Anse Beach, I cycled past the police station up the hill to Mount Cinnamon Resort and then downhill, going straight into a dirt track in a sharp corner, towards Quarantine Point. Just like on the map.

Only a few minutes from Quarantine Point is Morne Route (BBC) beach. This is where I took my first swim.
Morne Rouge Beach

The thing is, there is no road or track which leads along the beaches. The main challenge is, that there is missing a connection between Morne Route Beach and Portici Beach. La Luna Resorts blocks the access to Portici Beach. Usually you would have to cycle all the way back to Grand Anse and then go down Maurice Bishop Highway. This would not be a nice cycling tour. Therfore I was looking for a shortcut and found a track which leads over the hill from Morne Rouge to Frequente.  Frequente is not really the area where a tourist woule usually go. That's why I mentioned this route is more for the adventurous people. I med two kids which told me where I am and let me know that this area is called 'The Bronx'.
Well, they still helped me to find my way and anybody else was just looking very interested. So my experience in Frequente was very good!

After Frequente, I had to ride a short while on the highway and could then branch off to Portici Beach.  After a quick dip in the sea, I cycled to Grooms Beach, which is just a few meters away.

Enjoying the swim at Grooms Beach

Unfortunately, there is no public beach access to Pink Gin Beach since the Sandals resort is there. Therefore I continued and cycled a path along the airport's fence where I reached the last beach, which name I don't know.

And finally a small video clip for you, that gives you a better impression of this cycling tour: