Cycling / Hiking to Hog Island, Grenada

The blog of Goats On The Road drew my attention to hog island as a good hiking destination. This is a good distance from St. George's for a half day cycling tour.

View from Hog Island to Calivigny Island

After looking at the map I worked out a route which promised to be interesting.

My route, I can recommend to use the same one:

Some more information about the route:
  • The bridge onto Hog Island is blocked by a gate. But you can easily pass it on the right side.
  • The path on Hog Island is getting worse and worse the further you go. I just switched to hiking.
  • The beach on Hog Island at the end of the route is not accessible by a path. You have to walk through some meters of scrub and climb down some little bolders.

The really nice trail between Clarks Court Bay Marina and Hog Island

The view from Hog Island to Prickley Point. This is from the highest point, you need to climb, but there is no path.

Hog Island belongs to the dry parts of Grenada. You will see many cactus.

This is the end of the trail on Hog Island. A very relaxed place. It seems to be a ad-hoc bar for the yacht owners anchoring in this bay.

And finally, a short video clip from this tour.


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