Grenada map & guide for Android

We have written a whole lot about some of our adventures in Grenada.  Those of you who are not familiar with getting around here on your own might think that it really is quite easy. In fact, it isn't.

The problem is simply that there are few road signs. Junctions and villages aren't adequately marked off and even signs to many of the tourist attractions are missing. Very often you end up lost; not knowing where you are or where you are going. This really doesn't only apply to tourists. I can very well imagine that most Grenadians find it hard to get around, when they are not familiar with the area.
This of course is one of the fun things about a road trip, but we wasted quite a bit of time stopping to ask for directions and even driving the wrong way a time or two. We could have gotten to see so much more of the island if we knew the way.

All of this motivated us to embark upon developing a digital map of the island.
We want to introduce you to the easiest and most reliable way of navigating around Grenada.

Taking a shortcut to Hermitage on a gravel road. No problem with GPS navigation. has developed and is offering an App for Android Smartphones and Tablets.
Our App allows you to download our Map of Grenada onto your Android device and use it Offline, that means no Internet connection needed and no roaming charges. With the help of the GPS receiver of your device you will always know where you are and where you are going in Realtime.

The wonderful thing about a digital map is that it can always be improved and updated. While on vacation this time around, we just drove and drove and drove, trying every inroad and updating the map at the same time. The App worked like a charm for us! We are certain that you won't find a better digital Map of Grenada.
For those of you interested in exploring St. Patrick, we have pinned all of the tourist sites that we found on the map.

Here is the direct link to the Grenada map for Android again.


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