Hiking with Telfor Bedeau in St. Patrick / Grenada

Telfor Bedeau is the legend among hikers in Grenada. He is looking back on years as a sailor and many years as the pioneer of hiking and discovering hiking routes.
Since he was, just like us, recovering from the Chikungunya virus, we chose an easy hike in St. Patrick. The route offers many interesting insights into the agricultural areas of Grenada.
The starting point of this route is the bus stop in Mt. Rich, which you can reach with the bus from Sauteurs bus terminal. That's where the route ends.

Dana & Mr. Bedeau chatting.  He has many interesting stories to tell

Of course, Mr Bedeau can tell us everything about the mountains in the background and about the routes to climb them.
Very close to the road is Plaisance Plantation House. It offers a great view, at this day it was a bit hazy.

There's lots of nutmeg and cocoa along the way

Mr. Bedeau prepared some sugar cane for each of us. You can chew the flesh and suck the sweet nectar.

Reaching back to Sauteurs on a very scenic route. Our ways split at the bus terminal. Thank you Mr. Bedeau for the nice day!