Valley Of Desolation and Boiling Lake, Dominica

The most impressive hike we have done in the caribbean so far, is clearly the hike to the Boiling Lake in Dominica.

The route is incredibly diversified, constantly leading uphill and downhill, passing through beautiful rainforest. The highlight is the trail section in the Valley of Desolation. Boiling water, hot steam and sulfur is coming to surface in innumerable places. The soil changes daily, that's why there is no prepared trail through this valley, you have to find the best way through this vulcanic area.
Therefore, it is highly recommended to take a guide who knows the current conditions. It can easily happen that you step on the wrong place and break through the surface into small pots of boiling water. At one place I even burned my heel a bit because I was not looking carefully enough.

The Boiling Lake is truly remarkable and somewhat scary. You should probably not come too close to the edge, because who wants to fall into boiling water? It actually already happened.

Besides hiking, this tour offers wellness as well. The sulfur-containing sludge on your skin is supposed to work wunders. You can wash it down in one of the beautiful natural pools or waterfalls along the way.

This hike is highly recommended for trained hikers!