The traditional outdoor activity: Working the land

You aint't see bush yet! That's what I have heared many times from my local companions on our way to a piece of agricultural land in the parish of St. Patrick's on the north side of Grenada.
The mission was to clean up a typical piece of land with cocoa and nutmeg trees, cinnamon and mango, golden apple and sour sop and many more fruits.

The author's first attemts with the cutlass
At least twice a year the wild bush has to be removed in order for the trees to have enough space and light. The traditional way is to use the cutlass and this is still very widely used because most parts of Grenada are steep or partly covered with rocks. The machete is the way to go then. We had three very experience men with us which showed us all the tricks. 

Let m tell you, the right technique is really not easy. To cut the bush right above the surface and do it in an efficient manner.
You need to seperate a small area with a good vertical swing and then use a wooden stick to pull the bush towards you and then hit the plants right above the ground. My first attempts looked like I was playing golf. I learned that big swings with the cutlass are more for pirate movies, you will not be very effective like this.
After two hours my computer-keyboard -hands, -fingers and -shoulders started to hurt. But I must say after doing this for three days, my technique improved and I found a rhythm wo work myself through the bush.

The nice ascpect about this task ist that you can really see and enjoy the difference you work has made. An additional reward is the beautiful Mt. Rodney beach next to Sauteurs.  Have a look at the map.

A short video about our experience with the cutlass

The perfect after-work refreshment


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