Grenada Cycling: St. George's - Gouyave

For my imported Mountainbike from Trinidad, this should be a serious test today.
With very bad brakes, not the right gears for steep hills and a seatpost which is too short, the preconditions for such a ride were not very good :) But just right for a challenge.
My intention was to travel the western main road slower than usually with the car to have enough time to take pictures. When I started at 7 am in St. George's, the final destination was not set. Only while I was on the way, Dougaldston Estate came to my mind as a good turning point.  Because I still need pictures of Dougaldston Estate for our Grenada Outdoor App

This is the route. 42 km and 650 meters of altitude change:

Although it looks like the street follows the water line, there are many hills on the route
With a good bicycle this route is no problem for a trained cyclist. In the hours between 7 am and 10 am it is going really good, later you body slowes down has has a really hard time at the steep hills.

Looking back onto St. George's
Riding through the garbage dump of Perserverance is not very pleasent. All types of garbage are buring there.

A memorial for ''The mighty sparrow", "Calypso king of the world" at Grand Roy

Approaching Gouyave

The entrance to Dougaldston Estate

On the way back, a church in Grand Roy