From St. George's to Mt. Moritz summit

From my hike yesterday it was too obvious that my next destination is supposed to be the summit of Mt. Moritz. Unlike Mt. Melville, the peak seems to be completely free and a 360 degree view is guaranteed.
Transportation of choice is the bicycle of course. For that reason I did not want to cycle to Mt. Moritz on the road, instead I went over the ridge at Mt. Melville again and started hiking from there. An old track, which is only a path now, is leading directly to Mt. Moritz.
After arriving at the village of Mt. Moritz I was not able to find the trailhead to the summit and nobody was around to ask. Therefore I decided to walk back, just far enough to be outside the village  and find a straight route to the summit. A very steep and slippery hill through a bamboo forest brought directly beneath the steep south face of the hill.

From there on it was a fight through the waist high grass and rock boulders, but soon after I was on the summit. This ascent is not recommended for average hikers!
As expected, great views from the summit in all direction.
On my way down I followed the official path and was curious where it would meet the village. But just when I arrived the first houses I had to ask somebody, because the path disappeared between fields of short crops.
I had to walk around a house, which is currently empty and for sale to hit the road. When I was looking for the path on my way up, I was standing in front on this exact house and of course could not know that I had to walk over the driveway and through their garden.

Cycling up Belle Vue again

That's where the road ends, soon after the track ends too ...

... but a wonderful path begins. Mt. Moritz is on the top left.

Looking at my desination. Seems so easy from this perspective
After returning from the village of Mt. Moritz, I started my ascent opposite of this huge tree.

Standing under the south face of Mt. Moritz
Wonderful views during the ascent

Wonderful rock formations. I was about to climb then but then decided to stay on the save side.

Looking back into the direction where I came from

After walking down the official path, this is where the path meets the village


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