Grenada bike & hike: St. George's - Morne Gazo - Westerhall

Looking onto Mt. Airy, Morne Gazo Trail leads to the summit.
I had a really nice bike ride today from St. George's to Morne Gazo. The first part is steep and a bit of a challenge, but once you reach the height of 600 feet (180 meters) the road is mostly flat with a great view. I parked my bike at the parking lot of Morne Gazo Visitor Center, and climbed the few steps to the highest point of Mt. Airy. There is supposed to be a lookout built around a large tree, sadly, this tree was cut down and I could only find the wooden remains of the lookout. Without the lookout, there is no view because the trees around the summit are too high. Really sad, because I was very much looking forward to this great viewpoint!
I continued along the hiking path, which is in good condition, back to the parking lot.

Oh, I forgot to mention, that I got a flat tire just before I reached Morne Gazo. So my new plan was to take the little road down to Westerhall, hoping this would be the fastest way to find a gas station. Because I had all the tools and a spare tube in my backpack. But this doesn't help without air pressure. Lucky me, I met a young man on the way, who showed me a little car repair shop where I could inflate my tire. He even helped me to change my tube and I was rolling again after only 10 minutes. Thanks again! The friendly Grenadian people are really the best! You can always ask someone and you will get help.

The ride along the main road through Calivigny, Woburn and Springs was straightforward and it was time to get home, since it was after 10 o'clock and the sun was getting really hot.
A pleasant ride along the street at St. Paul's

The view from the parking lot to Westerhall
That's where the hiking trail starts at the parking lot
The lookout at the summit of Mt. Airy is currently missing

The  Morne Gazo Trail leads through a typical forest, signs explain some of the local trees.
The road from Morne Gazo to Westerhall is a really nice ride