Rediscovering Mount Melville or hiking like Indiana Jones

I can see the summit of Mount Melville every day from our balcony. Nevertheless ist was always unclear from which side I could approach the summit. After looking around at GPS track in the internet, I found out that a track is going up to the ridge close to the summit. This track is not in any map, but of course I will change this now.
I cycled through St. George's, then River Road and up street 'Belle Vue' that led me to the ridge. After parking my bike, I asked some locals about a path to Mount Melville. The answers were not very promising, nobody really seams to go there. Of course this wouldn't stop me and I hiked into the bush. Again without a cutlass and without long pants. Big mistake! I don't obey the rules which I once defined for hiking in Grenada.

After a while I found a good path which led me in the right direction, but after a grassy area with some cattle, I was meeting the real bush. Obviously nobody has gone to Mount Melville in a long time. The remaining way to the summit was a real fight. After reaching the survey point for the summit I was really disappointed, no view, I was standing in the middle of the bush. But then I decided to continue walking a bit, since I am already here. And soonafter I passed some really impressive boulders, some of them I was able to climb . What a pleasent surprise! This is like a playground with an amazing view. With my climbing equipment I could have a fun day up there.

Cycling up Belle Vue from River Road
The path in the beginning
I passed a overgrown ruin

And then found a better path
View to Mt. Moritz during the ascent

After passing the official summit, continuing along the ridge

I feel like Indiana Jones


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