Sauteurs, Grenada

Sauteurs is such a magical place! So much so, that think it deserves its own blog post. I love looking across the Bay at the old St. Patrick's Catholic Church, magestically perched on a cliff. I somehow feel as if I'm in the middle of a pirate movie. I have looked at that church upside down and inside out and I can say that the best views are from Sauteurs Bay to the West and from Irvins Bay to the East.

Sauteurs from Petit Anse Hotel
Church from Sauteurs Bay
Sauteurs, Grenada on a cloudy day
Church from Sauteurs Bay on a cloudy morning

Sauteurs is 21 miles from St. George's. You reach Sauteurs from St. George's via the west coast route in about 1,5 hours, or via the east coast route in about the same time.

At Irvins Bay you also have an absolutely clear view of Leapers Hill, also called Caribs' Leap. Here the last remaining Carib Natives of Grenada jumped off the 40m tall cliff to their deaths in 1651, rather than face domination by the conquering French. This is also the history behind the name Sauteurs, which is French for "jumpers". (Source: Wikipedia)

You will find this place on our map and most other maps under the name 'Leapers Hill'.

Sauteur Caribs Leap
View from Irvins Bay to the East
Driving through Sauteurs is pretty similar to Gouyave and Victoria in that the heart of the town is really on one street. There is however a certain flair that sets Sauteurs apart from the others. I still have not been able to really pin point what exactly it is. Maybe I'm being biased sinced I've just fallen in love with the town and the entire parish.

We set out to explore St. Patrick and explore we did! One of the most memorable experiences on our day-tour was meeting Doliver Morain, whose talent and genius really cannot be summed up with one word.

Doliver is firstly a self-taught artist. The majority of his paintings are done on ply-wood since sourcing canvas in Grenada is becoming increasingly difficult for him. For a (too) reasonable sum, you can treat yourself to a one of a kind piece of art, done in all the colours and hues that scream Caribbean. We saw, fell in love and immediately bought a marvellous painting of a cocoa harvest in progress from him.

He is also a very skilled craftsman....(not even too sure if that's the appropriate occupation). He cuts, shapes and handpaints almost everything possible from used sheets of aluminium and displays them in and outside of his museum. We were blown away at some of the items on exhibition: fishes, iguanas, birds, a nurse, a fireman, a mother giving birth (literally with the baby coming out:)) and so much more. The pieces are very light and suitable for those of us living overseas. He also has wonderful memorabilia of our colonial days proudly on display.

The main road in Sauteurs
Doliver's art
The Levera Museum of Art owned and operated by Doliver Morain. 

The beach in Sauteurs Bay is one of the most underestimated beaches in Grenada, in my opinion. You never find it on the list of top beaches on the island, although it really should be.
You can take a long walk, have a great view, not only onto Leapers Hill but also the Grenadine Islands. It's easily accessible and you don't have rocks and reefs to worry about, like at Bathway.
A perfect place to be!

Sauteurs bay
Beautiful beach in Sauteurs Bay
And finally....a little treat! This is a video we made which really depicts the lovely atmosphere around Sauteurs and Irvins Bay.


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