Bike and Hike: The highlights of St.Patrick | The Beach-Triple in the North of Grenada

We can't say enough how much we love exploring St. Patrick! Today we decided to go beach hopping up north.
Trying to walk/hike to each of the beaches would be too much for a one-day trip. Therefore it was the perfect occasion to venture off on a bike & hike again.

The complete tour with the route and offline map can be found in our Grenada Outdoor App.
With this app on your phone, you can follow the route using only GPS navigation. No internet connection is needed. Our app is free for you to use by the way.

This tour combines Sauteurs Bay, Levera Beach, Bathway Beach and the popular viewpoint 'Welcome Rock'. These three beaches are the most spectacular on the island, in our opinion, and Welcome Rock definitely one of the best viewpoints in the Caribbean. These sites are must sees for every visitor to Grenada!

The tour starts at Sauteurs Bay. Persons travelling by car to the starting point can easily park here. The breathtaking scenery does not make it easy to get onto the bike, but other fantastic beaches are waiting and this place is the perfect reward after completing the round.

After cycling through the town of Sauteurs and La Fortune your first destination is 'Welcome Rock' on Levera Hill. It is impossible to descend Levera Hill with the bicycle, believe me. You'll understand once you have been there. Therefore park your bike near Rose Hill and walk the rest. The route is marked in red on our map.

From Welcome Rock you will enjoy breathtaking views of some of the Grenadine Islands and onto you next two destinations - Bathway Beach and Levera Beach.

The ride down to Bathway Beach is not too far from Levera Hill. A dip in the cool water is well-deserved now.

When I did this tour, I followed the road from Bathway through the new property of the Levera Project. Since this is now privately owned, I cannot recommend taking the same route. I talked to one of the persons responsible for the construction site and he didn't mind that I pass through, but this might soon change.
Therefore I recommend that you push your bicycle along Levera Beach as shown on the map. And while you are at it take another swim. That's what this trip is about!

At the very end of Levera beach you can access the road that leads back to Sauteurs.

While on your way pop by Doliver's Art Museum, where you can purchase wonderful local paintings and crafts.

A few more miles! You are almost there! Before heading home buy yourself a cold drink in Sauteurs and head back to the Bay. Relax your feet and chill for the rest of the day.

Sauteurs Bay - the starting point

Enjoying the view from Welcome Rock

A preview to the next destination, Bathway Beach

A preview to Levera Beach, Sugar Loaf Island in the background

While descending from Levera Hill, you can even see the starting point, Sauteurs Bay

Cycling through Rose Hill

Bathway Beach

Levera Beach

Back at the starting point


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