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Harvesting nutmeg in Grenada

Anyone interested in getting some insight into nutmeg processing in Grenada would most likely set off on a tour of one of the processing stations on the island.
From our own experience this by no means represents the work that nutmeg farmers have to put into their crop beforehand.
We are currently harvesting nutmegs once most times twice a week and would like to depict the journey of our nutmegs, from tree to station and bring you closer to the life of a nutmeg farmer and what has to do to earn a bear EC$3 per lb.
Rod it Weight is money so once the nutmegs start opening we rod them off of the tree using bamboo rods. The designated climber climbs the tree and rods down the higher nutmegs. Another person circles the tree and rods down the lower ones.
Alternatively you can wait until the nutmegs fall to the ground but this is not really recommended since the mace is prone to rot and mildew. But if you're not interested in selling the mace (we wouldn't blame you) by all means chil…

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