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Cariboutdoor brings organic grenadian nutmegs and cinnamon to a small village on the outskirts of Munich, Germany.

Some of you may recall our blog post about the nutmeg industry in Grenada after we ourselves got actively involved in the harvest this year.

Living the life of a farmer even if it was just for a couple of months radically changed our mindset about homegrown agriculture and made us understand the plight of small-scale farmers in Grenada.
It’s not easy to work the land, day in and day out, and not reap the benefits. It’s not easy to spend sometimes 14 hour days harvesting nutmegs, demacing, drying and grading, only to earn what we consider a pittance. The men and women who farm, do it for the love of agriculture and we applaud them for that!
These kinds of experiences and life lessons should never go untold. We therefore decided to take what we had learnt back with us to Munich and share it with our friends and our village.
We brought back nutmegs and cinnamon which we had harvested ourselves and showcased them in a…

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