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Cocoa Processing in Grenada

The cocoa season is here again in the beautiful Spice Isle of Grenada. With the processing stations of the Grenada Cocoa Association bursting at the seams we once again decided to process our beans ourselves. We want to share some of the knowledge and experiences gathered about cocoa processing with you.

1. Picking

First up the ripe cocoa pods have to be picked. We usually use cocoa knives in Grenada, which is really a sharpened blade with a curved hook. The aim is to either pull at or slice through the stem at the base of the pod, being careful not to damage the branches or the trunk of the trees where the pods are attached.
Some pods can be really subborn and it might require some technique to pick them but don't get too impatient - they all come down!

With just over 5 acres of cocoa we have our harvest all planned out "to the T". We perform one task at a time - pick and heap, then crack and clean. Depending on the load we would either crack and clean later on the same …

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